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Hurt on the job , and they keep bothering me

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Had OWCP  from On the job injury from several years ago, now they want to change my hours, ( I am on   limited hours ) and I have an MD note to leave at a specific time, This was fine for a peroid of time, then in the fall my boss arbitrarity changed my hours and will not provide me with the modified work station I need. This has resulted in my pain increasing and not sleeping. they keep trying to make me file EEO paper work like this was a new disability. and they are nosy about my medical records.  this is a federal work place. , Help. also they exclude me from meetings and are changing what work they give me not knowing if I can do it and leave on time. what to do. ?

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While I can see a medical need to limit hours, I can't see a medical need to "leave at a specific time."

Having a workers' comp injury that resulted in a permanent or long-term disability (?) doesn't mean the employer has to do more than make a reasonable accommodation, and we cannot know whether the accommodation is reasonable (cost of modified work station).


We cannot know what you mean by "EEO paper work" in terms of whether it's an internal document or whether they are asking you to file with the EEOC (that'd be weird).  Whether it's a "new" disability springing from or an existing issue directly related to a workers' comp injury shouldn't really matter in terms of whether you fill out paperwork so that they can assess X-Y-Z. 


If it's a federal job, then you'd do well to consult with a workers' comp and disability attorney who is familiar with the federal civil service regs.



Unclear what you mean here, but I trust feedback will do because that's all the "help" we can provide.


"... are changing what work they give me not knowing if I can do it and leave on time."

Again, can't know about this have to "leave at a specific time" makes any sense v. "limited hours".

"what to do. ?"

Consult counsel.

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