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state of emergency vs. company attendance policies

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Let me put it this way: the state of emergency that the governor has declared doesn't say that an employee of any private employer is required to work during the period of the weather emergency. That's up to the employer. It does waive certain restrictions for such things like the hours that truck drivers may work but only while responding to the emergency. Private company employers are not required to follow their own policies unless those policies are required by federal or state law, or are part of an employment contract/union collective bargaining agreement.

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This response is not intended to create an attorney-client



We had an Emergency Declaration on 1/27 and 1/28 where

I reside from 2 of 3 large municipal entities. It was 15 below plus

we had received a round of about 15 to 18 inches of snow.

Anyone caught driving was subject to a minimum $2,500 fine

during this emergency ban. Schools closed. The local State

Courts closed at Noon last Monday. Even the front doors of the

Bankruptcy Court shut down (except for electronic filing). The

emergency driving ban was lifted Tuesday at Noon due to

improving weather conditions.


If there is an emergency driving ban issued, phone your employer.

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