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Employee threatened to be shot not allowed to call Police !!

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I was told by a costomer that he was going to have "Shoot a Walmart Employee Tonight"  This transpired because I asked him to pick a basketball up he had just thrown on the floor. Two other costomers were present and heard the threat. I notified 3 managers and said I wanted to file charges, Managers Reply was dont worry about it as long as he is out of the Store. My question is were any of my rights violated or laws broken when I was not allowed to Notify The Police of the Threat which I took very seriously !

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Not sure why you picked this particular board, but never mind.


There may be a slight typo in your post, but who knows. 

It's unclear whether this person's silly remark was a criminal act, but you're free to discuss that with the local police.  (If he had moved toward you in a threatening way or you knew he had a gun, that might (might) be another matter.)


A manager saying "don't worry about it" isn't the same as you being prohibited from/not being "allowed" to call the police if you like, which you were free to do on your own time.  It's unclear why you think your manager has anything to do with whether you call the police or not.  Had you posted that you called the police and your employer found out and you were disciplined for doing so, then you'd be ok in feeling aggrieved (but that doesn't mean there's a legal issue to pursue, however).

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