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I bought a used car from a used car dealership the first was a 95 chevy truck which had no catalytic converters on it .I got stopped by state trooper and was given a warning so I took truck back to dealer who agreed to trade the truck for a 2002 mustang with a no-start problem. Dealer agreed to get vehicle repaired and trade it to me for what I owed on the truck ,I moved during the time the car was being worked on(dealer let me use the truck during this time)when car was repaired I had to travel back to Oklahoma to get the vehicle and sign the new deal on the car that's when I was informed that the price was 2500 plus the cost of repairs  bringing total to 5200,i agreed to pay the price because the vehicle was needed.i brought the car back to fort worth texas  and tried to get the title transferred At which time I was enformed it had to be inspected first I took the mustang to pepboys to get it inspected  and I was enformed that all for catalytic converters had been removed from the vehicle as well as the o2 sensors were missing that it would take 3800 dollars to replace the parts required by federal law.when I told the dealer I couldn't get the vehicle inspected he told me to bring the vehicle back up to Oklahoma and falsely claim I was still living in the state to get the tags. I am not asking for any money refund I just want the deal cancelled they can take the vehicle back and I  purchased another vehicle from a reputable national chain. what can I do???

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To learn more about this subject matter, you may be interested in visiting the Consumer Protection Center and reading Lemon Law as a good resource. If you need further clarification on your specific situation, you may consider signing up for a LegalStreet plan. With the plan, you have unlimited access to a local lawyer to ask your questions and the plan also offers discounted legal representation should you need it.

Disclosure: LegalStreet and are owned by the same company.

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