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Compensation during W/C Waiting Period

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An supervisor has requested that we change our w/c policy to include that we pay employees for any loss time during the waiting period.  By reason of example:


Employee A got injured on 03/26 and got medical attention.  The doctor told him that he may return to work in 2 days.  He took 03/27 off and returned to work on 03/28.  By this example, the insurance will not pay for the 27th (less than 7 days waiting period).  If the employee wants to get paid for the 27th, the employee would use a personal day or vacation day.  Supervisor B doesn't like this procedure and wants Company C to pay Employee A 8 hours at regular pay for the 27th


I am trying to find any Federal or State of NJ regulations advising how an Employer should handle compensation during the waiting period. Regular Pay? No pay?  Personal day? Vacation days?  If there is none, then there is none. I am checking because I never heard of an employer paying regular pay for the waiting period and I need to advise management and the owners on how to proceed. If anyone knows, please let me know?


I appreciate any feedback


Thank you.





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