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assaulted at work in ca reopened case

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Hello , I am /was a forensic psych nurse that was assaulted on 7/7/01 by a male individual causing collapse of my l 3-4 s-1 resulting in anterior posterior fusing did not pursue lawyer at that time just wanted to go to work but received coverage for my back .five year later they tried to close my case so i filed a form keeping it open, then hired an attorney for i was way out of my league .went back to work after 8 month of my back fusion .in 2009 i had my hard ware removed due to pain from weather conditions and my fusion was breaking down the upper levels .in 2011 I started falling down losing feeling in right leg my Dr discovered that the upper levels had deteriorated even more from my continued work at the hospital stated "if i had one more incident I could not be able to walk again ..workers compensation(WC) had issues with this and i received no pay for almost a year then it was approved cleaning my saving and almost lost my home children and i had top ram-en meals . i went from a $6,800 salary to a WC salary of $4,200 which is fine at least they finally came to .i was told i cannot work or had to wait for my retirement to kick in this was in 2012 April..on Sept 2012 Wc declared me permanent stationary at 70 % back and %50% PTSD. retirement has not started yet lost my medical benefits and yet again even though i moved to a very small place my pay has been cut to $529.00 without warning a month mind you i am only 40 years old they are supposed to send me for training so i can go to work .I have tried to contact my attorney for the last 6 months for information to no avail, apparently my old paralegal working my case no longer works there and no one knows who i am ..state comp cant talk to me because i have an attorney so i am left here wondering can i sue for hard ship as this is a hard ship i am losing my home lost all things in storage and waiting on my training that should have started 6 months ago.(sorry its so long had to give little history)

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