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Hello, I have a question about what I would need to do in order to get parenting time with my daughter. On 8-29-2011 I filed a motion for dissolution with children in Ramsey County and in my motion I asked for legal custody to be granted jointly and myself to get sole physical custody with parenting time being unsupervised with no set schedule. Do to having an open CHIPS case the dissolution was put on hold until the CHIPS case was closed.

On 7-12-2012 the judge granted for joint legal custody between my ex and her mother with my ex having sole physical custody and the children (my step-son and daughter) were discharged from the status of CHIPS.

On 1-22-13 there was a motion hearing held for the dissolution which there was no motion that was filed at all and I ended up telling the judge that I had a problem with my chemical use and being I didn't file a motion at all the judge granted everything to my ex and parenting time wasn't addressed at all (that is why I was supposed to file the motion.) On 1-28-13 the opposed divorce decree was sent to the judges chambers and hasn't been signed or filed as of yet. I am wondering what I will have to do in order to bring a motion to the court to get parenting time if I just file the normal change of custody/parenting time motion or what exact motion I would have to file.

If you could please give me some insight on this I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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