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Managing nursing home costs on $3k pension

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I'm writing on behalf of 73 year old lady who is alone now with no family available or willing to help. She gets $3200 a month combined from deceased pastor husband's pension + a little SS. Due to muscular dystrophy causing progressive muscle weakness, she needs to move to assisted living care which will cost more than her pension. Is Medicaid available in this situation? Is Medicaid available to her if she moves into full nursing care eventually?

This lady only owns a van with scooter lift + furniture. She is in a TON of debt. Her current living situation is ALMOST a danger to her and relies heavily upon neighbor to come in 4 times a day to help out with dressing, trash out, fetch mail & handle the dog's bathroom. This neighbor is already stretched to the limits due to her own family's health problems...

Any advice?

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