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not legally seperated for 9 years, now filing non contested divorce

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When I moved out of the home my kids were grown, only one stand home she was going through with her divorce at the time, then 2 years later she was still at the house, making a long story short when there are two women in the household we began to clash, I moved out which is one of the reason and the other my husband and I wasn't getting along, before my daughter moved in there were threat of divorce before, due to verbal and physical abuse it never happen. Now current it's been 9 years coming up in April 2013, we filed for divorce non contestent, now I'm confuse on property I had a apartment for 9 years, which I purchased a great deal of stuff like washer & dryer, TV, dining room table and chairs, sofa etc stuff to make my home comfortable. do I need to list those things down even though we brought stuff together in the home which is still there? And when the form says, if I own a home does that mean the house he living in because I know I gave up any right of the home, the house is almost paid for and we had the house for 33 years.

please help me to understand. ;)

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How do you know you "gave up" any right to the home? Are you listed on the deed? The mortgage? Was the house purchased after you got married? Where did the money come from to make the down payment and/or mortgage payments? Even if you really don't have any ownership interest in the property, you probably still have a marital interest in the equity for the 24 years you were residing there. That is, you could be entitled to half of 24/33, or about 36 percent of the change in value of the home from the time you moved in until the time you moved out, and possibly more depending on your particular circumstances and your unidentified state's laws.

As for whether to list the personal property you acquired by yourself since you moved out, that would depend on your state's laws and guidelines. You really need to sit down with a local divorce lawyer to discuss these matters and get all your questions answered. Good luck!

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