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My husband pled guilty to Aggrevated Criminal Sexual Abuse in 2003 and was sentenced to 10 years of registering. This October the 10 years will be up but in 2005 they changed the law on him to life registering and put Sexual Predetor on his record. This law goes all the way back to all convictions after 1999.

He has not been in any trouble since and has followed all the laws. What is his recourse? He doesn't want to register anymore since he has done his time and has remained a model citizen. We live in Illinois and his conviction was in the same state.


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As long as the requirement to register was extended before his period of registration had run out, the change in the law making it a lifetime requirement is legal. The law as enacted in 1999 defined someone who committed aggravated criminal sexual abuse as a sexual predator. The recent changes added more crimes to that list. Your husband should consult local counsel.

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