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My boyfriend got a dwi 2 years ago and was granted 15 months of probation. This happened in another county had his probation transferred to his current residence. The distance of these counties are 6 hours away and recently all was put out on the table. Having no legal representation and no plea due to violations that were brought to my attention recently: the recent filed is a 3rd amended motion to revoke probation; bonded out 3 times which the bond has gotten higher;

sent to jail 3 times for failing multiple u.a.'s; unpaid fines up to $2,000; no money for representation, and a few other violations as well...

Due to being thrown in jail the paper work he has for the judge has never been filed or seen which I understand you need a lawyer for this however, I know what can happen when he goes back to court next month which is doing the max penalty of the dwi 180 days....

When a person admits they have a problem with not just alcohol but drug consumption as well, without being court ordered decides to voluntarily admit themself into an inpatient treamment facility. A 30 day treatment yet has court coming up but already is in treatment, what can happen or may happen in a situation like this? I want to know if this could help his dilema or hurt it. Will a judge grant an reset? I have people giving us different advice but I need an expert opinion. Please I am desperate with only 3 weeks left...Is this a good move on his part after having that many failed u.a.'s and violations? Please help so we can decide what needs to be done before its too late...

Its not that I don't want to talk or hire a lawyer its just hard when money talks but have none to keep it going.

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Admitting himself for inpatient treatment might help. It probably won’t hurt unless as a result of this treatment he misses court dates or can’t comply with his probation terms. But it’s not going to erase the previous drug test failures and other probation violations. If he’s had a string of probation violations, the court may just decide he’s unwilling or unable to comply with probation and send him to jail to serve out the remaining sentence. You didn’t indicate in what state this is taking place, so no one here can give you any state specific information here. If he doesn’t have a lawyer, he’ll have to file his own motions with the court and represent himself at the revocation hearing. You cannot do any of that for him unless you are lawyer.

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