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I dont know where to start.I have been divorced for several years now.I lived and took care of myself for several years.My son was approximtly 6 when I was divorced.I have worked my whole life.In the past year in a half Ive had alot of bad luck.Ive had medical problems in more than one way then 1 that has cost me tomiss alot of work.I lost my job a year ago due to unexcused days missed.You can have all the doctores excuses you want but a unsceduled day missed is an occurance that counts against you.I paid my child support on time and had a nice apt for me and my son.We did alot together.I would pick him up on the weekends I didnt work and we would just hangout.In the ast year in a half my life has fell apart.I lost my job.I got so far in debt to those payday loan places I had them taking me to court.I had places taking me to court garnishing my check for finance payments I was behind and more threatening to take me to court.I had to move out of my apt.and for several months I slept in my car even in the winter with snow on the ground outside my work so I wouldnt miss work and sometimes not having the gas to get to work.In this time I got a Dui because I guess things just kept fallen on me.I ended up losing my car and then my job.I fell into a deep depression.If you dont know,you just dont understand.To beat it all off everything I worked for in the past several years that belonged to me abd my son I lost in storage because I was unable to pay the fees.Well now in the last 5/6 months my ex wife will not accept my phone calls so I can talk to my son.I know she has changed her number a time or two.I know the leverage she has on my son the same she had on my step son from her previous marrige.My son is 14 and has changed his last name on his FB page to her new husbands last name.This marriage has been on the rocks too.just not a year ago they was talking about divorce theirselves.When she was married before she kept her son away from his father just as she is me because he didnt make payments and the judge said then she wasnt going to let her use the child as leverage in this situation to get what she wants.She is again doing this and it seeems that the man/father has bno rights at all.She gets told and a smack on the wrist and we get threatened with jail.I know have 90 days to serve because I couldn't keep up with my payments but why is it fair and just to her to keep my son away?I cannot afford a lawyer,if I could I would pay it toward child support.It seems it would be fair to suspend my 90 days since she isn't holding up to her agreement and give me the opportunity to try once I get my license back to get back where I was.That's all I want to get back to the life I was.She is done entitled to over $2000.00 in taxes this year of mine and if needed to be next year on top of this year working would catch me back up.I guess what I'm asking and saying is what can I do in court to get my story heard and be treated fair?Because I don't feel like I'm being treated fairly and I cannot afford a attorney.The court should be fair and understanding but they don't take into the past and what I have done.They don't take into account everything I have lost that belongs to me and my son.When I got divorced I didn't receive nothing but half of my clothes and had to start over again.I'm almost 40 and again I'm having to start over again this time at even a lesser chance than before..What can I do?Is there any free help I can receive to help me?Thank you for your time.Chis J.

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