RED FLAG...TEACHER BULLYING MY 7YR OLD SON "RETENTION DO TO BEHAVIOR" A teacher telling parent to get there children evaluated..

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Idk I have had the same issues I have a teacher bullying. I am contacting the school board and have a meeting with the teacher and principle on monday and I want to record it to have this meeting on tape for the BOE I am so tired of defending my child and am ready to take some action this lady has made it to where my son is crying because he does not want to go to school, he has withdrawn from school socialization, and he is starting to show signs of depression and anxioty [doctors note] I am sick of building my son up just to face her every day and her to break him down. I have raised strong young men I have 3 sons but this is my baby baby he is only 7yrs old.. and is saying how he hates school.. She told me that in 3rd grade and up there was a new law passed in the district saying that they can retain children do to behavior even if they are passing classes and for a split sec I believed her and made the first appointment I could... but when I got there I felt like wth am I doin this is my child and I told them I though it was more mental depression issues then ADD the doc agreed... so she wrote me a note saying counciling no medication is recomended at this time that has baught me some time to research this.. I found out she lied to my face to get me to medicate my child.. There has was NO record of there being any new laws past stating that 3rd grade and up can be retained do to behavior...She had me under the impression that he would be held back if he didn't mature. I want this lady out of this school I have done my own investigation and so far the first call I have made she did the same thing to another child same.. Told this family the same exact thing...Crazy I am so upset when I think who else she has she told this to and they believed her. How many of these kids are medicated because she doesn't want to deal with them.. How many kids before this in her othere classes has she done this too.. How many othere parents were lied to... She told me this to my faces and backed me into a corner and I thought THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HELP MY BABY.. I am so hurt by her.. I have guilt in my heart for punishing my son for being "BAD" when now at this point I don't know if anything she has ever told me is even true.. I need some help finding out who I should talk to... how can I notify past students parent and let them know they should get there child re-evalutared do to her personal opinion on our children.. Let the parents know that they can not hold your child back do to behavior only academic.. If you can help in any way please email me on here the messages go to my phone I will take everything you guys can give me at this point anything would help I have to help my son.. Thank You I am sorry for spelling and grammer I am not to good at writing but I really need some help..

I do have the othere family writing a statement for me for the BOE stating what she had said..

and they are going to help me network with the other families to see who else she has done this to...

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