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Tenant rights

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My roommate moved her boyfriend into our house 3 months ago. They refuse to split the rent and bills three ways. Instead they are splitting her half of the rent and refusing to pay any bills in my name. Those are electric, cable and water. The only one in her name is gas, so the difference she owes me is substantial. Everytime I am in my home they are harassing me. At first it was trying to force me to leave, next it was shoving me and spitting in my face for asking for my money for the bills, now she is packing her stuff saying she is moving out. We are both on the lease, her boyfriend is not. I called my landlord about her moving out, she said we are both still responsible to pay our halves of the rent, which we both did this month, but he is still living there. I asked the landlord if I could also move someone in to help pay bills and she said no, that would be a breech of the lease. But she is aware that my roommates boyfriend is there. I called the police to have him removed, they said there is nothing they can do because he is a guest of my roommates. It is extremely uncomfortable being in my home, where I pay most of the bills and am forced to leave every night due to the hostile environment. She claims she is leaving this month but does not seem to be going anywhere yet and is still using my cable, electric and water without any payment.

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