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Disorderly Conduct via Assault

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O.k. my son is an 18 year old junior in High School. back in Dec. him and a younger cousin (14 years old) decided it would be a good idea to go out in a snow storm and walk down the street with airsoft guns, they had no pellets. A neighbor saw the boys in the street and called the police saying there were two men with guns in the road. 3 policemen came drew there weapons and looked for the boys. By now the boys were back in the house and had us screaming at them! Anyway they both received a Magistrate hearing notice for Disorderly Conduct. The younger cousin went to court today and the charges were Disorderly Conduct via Assault, 2 charges I guess. He received 1 year probabtion. Now my fear is my son is 18 and he may get hit with something more. He has not been in trouble before, I figured we could handle a "Disorderly Conduct" as I have seen so many in this court system walk away with a slap on the wrist. But I am a bit worried now. He wants to be a Marine and wants to be a state cop. Does he need a lawyer for the magistrates hearing or can he wait to see if he has a hearing and get a public defender? Not like we have a whole lot of money available in this economy.

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