Adult Mental Health Treatment Court

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A referral to the Community Resource Court (CRC), which is apparently the official term of the mental health treatment court in NC, may be made for any defendant who has a diagnosis of mental illness or history of mental illness. That the defendant is a legal alien in the U.S. shouldn’t be a bar to qualifying. But I can see a possbility that he may not get approved if he is an illegal alien since our limited mental health resources should go to citizens and persons here legally, not someone who may end up deported anyway (which is a real possibility with these charges if he’s an illegal alien). Priority for placement in CRC goes to those that are most seriously mentally ill.

In any event, he’ll need to rely on his lawyer for help with this, they are serious charges. Note that being drunk is generally not a good defense to criminal charges. Note, too, that “breaking and entering” doesn’t necessarily require a forced entry.

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