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AUO 3rd Degree - New York State

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A few weeks ago, I was pulled over in a town in New York for having an expired inspection sticker. After running my license, the officer told me I was currently suspended, and had been since June, 2011.

I had no idea. Apparently, I had an unpaid traffic ticket from 2004 when I was in grad school in Troy, NY. I had the Troy Court fax me a copy of the ticket and, interestingly, I had replied by mail with a guilty plea at the time (I can only assume I would have included the payment, but that's a moot point, I guess).

For whatever reason, I never got any further notifications that I was delinquent in paying this ticket, nor any message from the state when the suspension was enacted. Probably it was an address issue, though my (now NY) license has had my correct address since at least 2 weeks prior to the effective date of the suspension (probably longer, but that's the issued date I see on it now).

Now, charged with AUO 3rd degree, I have to go to court at the end of February. I immediately renewed my inspection, paid the ticket, and had my license re-instated without issue.

My question is, how worried should I be? What documents should I bring to court? Is a lawyer necessary for something like this, even given my scenario? Is there anything else I should be doing at this point to prepare for court?

Thanks in advance.


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According to the Laws of New York: Vehicle and Traffic: Section 511:

Aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third

degree is a misdemeanor. When a person is convicted of this offense, the

sentence of the court must be: (i) a fine of not less than two hundred

dollars nor more than five hundred dollars; or (ii) a term of

imprisonment of not more than thirty days; or (iii) both such fine and


You may want to consult with a local New York Traffic Tickets Lawyer to advise you of your rights and what options you may have to address this matter.

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