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Rotten boards and mold under New

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Our landlords have several rental properties. Our home alone has rotten boards under tile/carpet

Mold that was painted over and now being seen since we have been here a while.

I just spoke to one of their "helpers", which are usually someone fresh out of jail or

self-employed people - he shook his head in disgust when he had to help fix up an old

mobile home to be rented - he said it had rotten boards that are being covered and painted.

Rotten boards are used for repair.

The rent is outragious for the old MH they are renting.

Is this legal? The people, like myself, move into the home thinking it is just fine - until they are there a while

to discover the floor falls through or leaks when it rains.

Also, I am told to pay cash for my rent because she is not reporting it this income.

Would like to know what these renters can do - rent is too high to save money in order to move out.

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