I live in a ondemd section of my hotel..I been here 2 yrz,,the manger ,that waz fired a year ago,,new one now,,,,rentd me a room,,in the condemed sect

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for 2 yearz now Ive lived ina hotel in San mateo Ca,, Sa Mateo county..a manger thatz since been fired rented it to me,,,her cousin is now current manger,,new people are looking to buy this hotel,,Im on mental disability super fixxed income,,,a yr ago maintance waz washing cement I fell and lost twins,,I didnt pay rent for 6 mos,,Im paying agin,,and manger is now saying 3 day notices are going out possibly when new owners take over,,,,do I have any rights,,they cant rent room out to public..but to me ???I am worried of being homelss,,so I do anything they ask of me,,,clean ,go to store with mager,,I never get paid,,,jus takes off of what i owe for those months i didnt pay,,i feel sick beacuse the manger here says I can be trown out @any time they choose,,,hope it makes sns,,, I live at a hotel and the manger mm whos now fired for stealing ect,,is gone,,,but her cousin is now current manger,,,oh,,when I fell,,the district manger of this property told me to not,,,say I fell here,,,I didt say anything,, I feel trapped,,,,,so im constantly hiding and worried,,,,

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