Probation Revocation Hearing.

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Hello, i'm 20 years old and I got pulled over in OCT 2011 and got charged with possesion of PCS Marijuana/K2. I got a differed judgement. Ended up with some fines and a year of informal probation. Nothing else on record besides driving incidents. I recently got my first probation violation by getting pulled over and arrested for driving under revoked license and driving under suspended license(both for one stop). The bad things is I forgot to contact my probation officer in the event. I got picked up two days later under a probation violation warrent. I was looking through my paperwork and it said i violated it in three different ways, for not contacting my probation officer, for driving and getting pulled over in the first place, and for failure to keep up with fines. (which I paid off in full two days later. The fines are taken care of. And I was 100% compliant and nice throughout the whole ordeal. But i'm wondering, are they going to land me in jail for not contacting my probation officer? It was an honest mistake, i was so flustered with getting pulled over I forgot to contact her....Help?

No other violations, completed all other requirements.

County: Woodbury

State: Iowa

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If you were in Arizona you'd be in a world of hurt. 40% of inmates in ADOC are in on a probation violation. Dude, you have to take this seriously. When you signed those probation papers you plead guilty to the charge and the punishment that goes with it. At this point there is no "due process of law" and "presumption of innocence".

What to do. First, you can't say you "forgot" to contact your Probation Officer. Unless you can prove you have stage 5 Alzheimers, nobody is going to believe you. Remember, you have very little experience dealing with them but they are experts at dealing with people like you (and me).

Why did they pull you over? They had to have had a reason for pulling you over. Did they cite you for anything else?

I'm trying to put together a timeline. You should be getting close to killing your number. When was your one year probation set to expire? Has your Probation Officer called you? Has anyone asked you to drop a U.A.? And if so, will it come back clean?

The do's

1.Call your P.O. Better yet, drop in unannounced. She will be less apt to have you arrested if you make a good faith effort to clean this up. At this point it's better to take a pro-active approach. You've already given the cops and your P.O. the impression you're dodging her. Prove them wrong by contacting her first.

2.She will probably ask where you were going when you were pulled over, Did the cops ask you that? And if so what did you tell them? You have to be consistant. Try and have a good reason (believeable) for driving on a revoked license.

The don'ts

1.Don't say you "forgot" to call her. She will know you are lying and will just get pissed off over being played for a fool. Instead, say "Look, I know I was suppose to notify you within 24 hours of any police contact, but the fact is...I got scared. This is the first time I've been on the wrong side of the law and all this is new to me".

She will understand you got scared. She will also understand it took a pair of brass balls to walk yourself in to her office. If you do this right you will regain her confidence. She isn't going to reinstate you if she thinks you can't be trusted. And you don't want her to put you on "Intense Probation".

2.Don't mention you paid off the fines.

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