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After numerous issues with my landlord I decided to NOT renew my lease, which is up at the end of this month. I just received a letter that I HAVE to provide him with a specific date that I'm vacating the premises. I'm currently still looking for movers and finalizing those plans so even I don't know the specifc date/day I'm moving out. Isn't it MY right to move out whenever I want to as long as it doesn't go over the 31st (the date my lease ends)? On top of that he wants it in writing... what the heck for? What if I decided to leave tomorrow or my plans changed to a different day noted on the letter? Isn't the apartment mine until the 31st? Should I be concerned that this in turn would bind me to leaving on a specific date that may change?

Not to mention this notice claims that I have to physically move the stove and refrigerators to clean underneath them... why?! I never moved them to begin with when I moved in or when I lived there and I'm sure neither did the previous tenants. Even if I tried I wouldn't be able to due to health reasons. I will also note that nowhere on the move-in "checklist" (which was never even filled out by this guy when I moved in) NOR on the lease was there anything that stated these had to be cleaned behind or underneath. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this or how to approach this? I have a feeling that like all the other issues I've had he'll try to invent something new so he can take what's left of my deposit (he's already taken half and then some).

On another note... Do I have the right to request access to my meters upon moving out (to provide my utility company with accurate final readings)? Apparently for 8 months the super never allowed the utility company into the meter room to read my meter. Eventhough, according to the landlord, is one of his job requirements. Apparently he didn't get that memo because my last "actual" reading involved me getting a $600 utility bill for 7 mths of electricity use that they were unable to bill for.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I'm at my wits end with this place... THANKS! I live in NY

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