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Nevada-- ordered to pay restitution in Justice Court for felony traffic offense before entering a plea

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Iwas involved in a Hit and Run, and my attorney and the DA decided to let me start paying restitution, and depending on how much I came up with, they would drop it to Gross Misdemeanor Reckless Driving. The judge agreed to this, and I was only able to come up with $500 before my next court date, 6 months later. I caught another case in the meantime, and at that 6 month status check, my attorney and District Attorney agreed to me going in right then and doing 30 days, and closing the case as reckless driving. However, there was no record in the minutes of any negotiation being discussed regarding amended charges or restitution. I paid the restitution to my attorney, like the judge told me to, and he never gave it to the court. Since, my attorney has dropped me on both cases, and the DA wants to combine the 2 and I am looking at possibly 2 consecutive 2-15 yr sentences. I am to enter a plea in District Court today per the negotiated deal, but still have not entered a plea in Justice Court for the Hit and Run. I am so confused, especially since the District Attorney jumped from 30 days to 30+ months on this case. Is all of this legal per the Nevada Revised Statues regarding Criminal Procedure in Justice Court? Help!!

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