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Do parolees who are disabled have certain rights about medications?

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Do inmates who are disabled and receive disability, when granted parole and released, have any certain rights regarding prescription pain medications?If the disabled parolee was on a prescription pain medication due to their disability before being incarcerated, then upon his release,paroled-are they given special consideration in allowing narcotic pain medication to resume due to it being a medical treatment for the disability,or can the parole officer tell the parolee what he can/can't take for medication,not taking into consideration the medical reason or the fact they are disabled?The parolee in question has been on SSDI for 10 years,same doctor, on medication(percocet)for 10 years, spent 10 months in county jail and refused medication-though was needed-no drug charges of any kind or drug abuse/treatment placements and has never been to jail before this or arrested.Many alternative treatments were tried before,however the percocet was chosen by the doctor as the best/only treatment that provided pain relief for him. -asking from Massachusetts

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