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Missing Child Support Order

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My apologies.  This involves 3 different states.


State A:  decree and child support order; payment history from the court

State B:  Home of custodial parent/minor children

State C:  Home of non-custodial parent


State "A" mailed certified support order to State "B", which forwarded them to State "C."


State "C" claims that the document was not what they requested/required; gave State "B" a window in which to re-submit or the case would be closed.  The case was closed.


State B, in the interim, came to the conclusion, that the private attorney's had not complied with the Judges' orders, and subsequently, the support order was not valid.


Also, State "C" informed me that State "B" asked them to establish a support order; State "B" when informed of this stated that it wasn't true.


The temp/perm orders are not in the file, of State "A."  The very same State "A" that mailed a certified copy of the support order to State "B." 

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