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Splitting money...

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My wife and I will be getting a divorce when we sell our house in April. We have already seperated our bank accounts but live in the same house and share the bills.

She trained to become a maths teacher and will be getting a £5000 'golden hello' for completing her NQT (newly qualified teacher) year. I supported her during her 4 years of training, as she was not working, can I legally ask for half of that money?

My wife also has a legal argument against our hospital for not picking up an infection in her arm that has left her with a permenant problem. She will have to have a sholder replacement and is looking at a settlement worth around £10,000. She will probably not receive this money until after we divorce. However, I looked after her during this time, washing her and cleaning the house, cooking her food etc. She was training at this time and not working so I worked to provide for the both of us. Can I ask for half of this too?

Thank you for your help

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