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Lawyer never filed for show cause hearing when ex filed for emergency ex parte

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My ex filed an emergency ex parte for custody. My attorney never filed for a show cause hearing then signed an agreed order without consulting me or even telling me about it or providing me with a copy. I was told by several legal professionals that the situation didn't meet the guidlines to continue an emergency order but since no show cause hearing was motioned for within the time frame we had to get to trial if my ex wouldn't agree to give me visitation with my daughter. My current attorney said that it was malpractice but didn't want to take on a case since it wasn't his expertise. I took over a year to get to trial in order to restore my cutody/visitation rights with my daughter and it cause me, my family and my daughters little brother a lot of lost time her not to mention about 25,000 in legal expenses. Is failure to motion for a show cause hearing in this situation, and signing an agreed order without ever consulting me or providing the client a copy grounds for legal malpractice? Thanks

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