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Alimony, Criminal, scared

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Hello. I was awarded 20 years of alimony in 2006 and my ex quit paying. I can't get an order or anything signed by a corrupt judge. My ex was not able to prove a substantial change of circumstance when he filed his "Petition to Modify".

He has tried many schemes. But now he has resorted to trying to file criminal charges against me and he has been paying off my prior boyfriend to falsely submit untrue depostions. I have a protective order against this ex-boyfriend, which he has violated 2 times.

My ex ias very weathly and I believe he is trying to either have me killed or sent to jail forever. He has a private investigator on me.

The court did not enhance his penalties but release him to a rehab. program. Of course he is not in jail and Im scared as I have no protection from harm.

This is a civil divorce case and only two parties should be listed. Petitioner and Respondent. Somehow the Utah Department of Corrections was added as "OTH" party. My questions are:

HOw do I remove the Attorney General's lawyer for the Department of Corrections and report this activity?

How do I collect my past due alimony money? My ex has stopped any chance of me finding a job because he's ruined my credit, created false protective orders, etc.

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