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I have been with my company for almost 2 years and never had a write up. If I called into work I always followed procedure and called in and provided documentation for being absent.Last week my mom had emergency heart surgery and my mom is the one who watches my 4 kids. I am a single mom so she is my only option. While my mother was in surgery, I had to make sure my kids were picked up from school and I was late for work. I did tell my employer that I was under alot of stress and very emotional due to my mothers surgery. I also recommended that I take off work under FMLA. But it was not taken into consideration.

My female assistant manager treated me different then my coworkers. She is very cold toward me. When I walked in the door at work My asst manager told me she was sending me home till I talk to the General Manager. As I am leaving, My GM walks in so I talk to him and explained I was late and being sent home. I told him what was going on with my mom and asked him to please let me take a little time off work and he agreed. He said that he will call me later. I never got a phone call. In the mean time I had 3 co workers call me telling me that Ive been fired. I finally texted him 4 days later and asked him what was going on and he tells me to call the asst manager. I call the asst manager and she tells me "I THINK we let you go but im not sure" and she tells me to contact the GM. So I text him again and tell him asst manager dont know what is going on. He responds "If she dont know whats going on then I dont know whats going on". Then he tells me he will find out tomorrow. ok? I feel like I am getting the run around.

If I am fired, I would have liked to have my check days ago. Also when someone is terminated, Its policy and procedure that termination papers are signed. I feel like this is being handled all wrong. I was under the impression that I was gonna take some FMLA time off and come back to work. What are my rights if I am fired? Can they do this?

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