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Protection needed from my 19 yr old daughter and 23 yr old boyfriend

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My 19 yr old daughter and her 23 yr old boyfriend lured me to their place of residence because she claimed he was being physically and verbally abusive and he also would not give her her keys so she could leave. She was hysterical and I honestly felt like she was in danger considering he had recently been released from prison only 6 months ago for shooting someone. So as I was on my way I called the police to aid her and I in the attempt to obtain her belongings and keys to leave with out consequence. The police arrived on the scene before I and told me that she said she never called me and asked for my help for anything and that she didn't need anything. So I decided with the officers advice to just return to my home. (where I take care and have custody of her 17 month old son since he was 8 months old) Upon leaving the scene with the directions the officer gave me to go, my vehicle was surrounded by a mob of people that my daughter and her boyfriend knew that attempted to get me to vacate my vehicle by way of verbal threats and attempting physical harm. Mind you the officer had walked into an establishment right there in the immediate vicinity so he was no where around to help. I was able to get away without any further incident but have since then been called via telephone with threats of having my home shot up. I fear for the lives of my grandson, my fiance, as well as myself. I don't know what to do. I don't know if my situation constitutes an Emergency Protection Order or not and I am in desperate need of guidance and resolution before something serious or fatal happens to the ones that I feel I am here to protect. Please someone anyone advise me or direct me in where to turn or go to for the proper help. Thank you for listening.

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