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False charges tx

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Got arrested oct 31 . For beating my girlfriend . Well I was head out door to work a men walks up and asked for my wife by name . Then told her he was looking for me and wanted to know if she knew were I was . When I told him that's me he arrested me for D.V. Asked when we get back together and said my girlfriend filed well anyway we got married oct 14 . And the next day got took to little room and guy side she came in and all this stuff well we post bail and she got to the jail to talk to them cause none of it ever happend and the cop that toke report said that she wasn't her and she showed her I'd and proved it wasn't her that made report but they still haven't done anything and y would any officer of the law not look at I'd when filing charges and what can I do ? Cause we're out 1000 just to get me out

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