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:( :(my mother is in a serious condition from the hospital and im who she depends on to help feeding and cleaning her she cannot walk or anything and she cant afford nurses to help her so i got released out of jail on bail so i can help her with rehabilitation, before i was released they had me set for a court hearing but the bailsbondsman posted bail for me at the last minute and they released me after midnite, and i was supposed appear in that same morning at 8:30 a.m :wacko:,,and at the last notice they call me and say they've changed the courts location.So then they put me back on calendar for another date and i went to the court that was given th first time and ended up the wrong location, :unsure: sheeez ......So i called the public defenders and the reception was totally against me saying im making excuses <_< ,and i responded :o "arent you supposed to be on my side" and she was really arguing and then hung up on me! :blink: they didnt even give me time to speak to my public defendar he just rushed thru a bunch of inmates and told a group of us (sitting in shackles) :huh: what to say and went thru us one by one,after our name was called they gave us all the same paper with our next court date but no time to review my case?? <_< What should i do? i am not try ing to make another case here or avoid any proceedings but i need to ask for more time before i continue so i can take care of these family issues and now the money for the bailsbondsman!!.....i was desperate to be home with mom and i really didnt understand the bailsbond procedures :( now i am realizing that i made matters worse is there any help or advice????

PLEASE..... im scared of what i dont know :unsure:

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do i contact the court clerk or who to contact? then to top it off my transportation is down... just like me!!! is there someone that can see me thru this with fairness im not trying to run or avoid jail i need to get my affairs in order then i want to get this time owed or whatever i face out of the way so i can continue life...

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