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landlord would not give security deposit back

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my cousin and I were renting a basement for 6months, our lease was supposed to end on Dec. 1st and were not playing on renewing the lease. but my Nov. 22nd we were still not finding a place and told the landlord we would extend the lease.

after all we ended up find the a new place and told the landlord 4 days landlord that we decided to move afterwards. he wasnt please with that which is perfectly understandable, but meanwhile we were trying on our to find tenants so the place wouldnt stay empty. we posted ads and find couple of them, we ask him if it was ok for us to give the interested people his phone number to contact him but he denied. On Dec. 1st when we moved out and were doing the inspection of the house with him. he had told us that he found tenants and that they were coming the very next day to come sign the lease and move in.

He even sign a paper stating that the basement was released in perfect condition and cleaned and that he would released the deposit within the next 30days, after "final inspection" (still dont know what he meant by that)

the next day he texted us saying that the potential tenants changed their minds because the place was "messy" (of course since we were in processing of moving) implying that it was our fault if he didnt couldnt lease them the place ,and after having another discussion with him, couple days later, that "was recorded" he said he didnt lease the basement to those tenants bcause the day they came to sign the lease they only had half of the deposit and for him it was a sign that they wouldnt be good payers

so my question is, does is have the right to blame us and keep our security deposit for his basement still vacant eventhough the night we moved out he specifically told us he had find tenants?


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