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Temporary Custody of Grandchildren

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My grandchildren (now ages 9 and 6) and their mother (my daughter) have lived with me off and on for the past 8 years because my daughter did not have the financial means to live on her own. On two occassions my son-in-law has also lived with me during their stay - I had to file a protective order against him because he tried to harm me while living in my home. Although my daughter is unable to keep a job, she always finds one. Because of his criminal history, my son-in-law is unable to find and keep jobs as well - most of the time he does not work. In the last year I have had to contact Child Protective Services because of neglect, violence and drug use in my daughter's home. Although CPS visited the home on several occassions, nothing was ever resolved because my daughter and her family moved out of the county and to Baltimore. My daughter has been diagnosed as being bi-polar and suffering with post-traumatic distress. When living with me, my grandchildren go to school and get excellent grades. While living with their parents, my granddaughter has gone from an honor roll student to almost getting kicked out of school because of her attendance. My grandchildren are now living in a dirty house, wearing dirty clothes and it appears (by my daughter's own statements and the statements of my grandchildren) that a neighbor is taking care of my grandchildren most of the time. Their is drug and alcohol use in my daughter's home and their is another couple living in the home (my son-in-law often takes in strangers so that they can help pay the rent). Today my grandson's teacher called me to tell me about a situation in which my 6-year old grandson threatened to bring a gun to school to shoot two boys that are always bullying him (my son-in-law has a bb gun). I would like to obtain temporary custody of my grandchildren while my daughter gets her act together. When she is living with me she does very well - but I must say that this is because I take care of the kids most of the time. My grandchildren have asked to live with me - they are happy and stable when they are with me. I don't have much money but I spend time with them, nurture and show them tremendous love. I am afraid that if I file for temporary custody of the children, their parents will take them out of the state and I will lose contact with them. My daughter has disappeared with my granddaughter (prior to having my grandson) several times in the past whenever I tried to intervene. I really want my daughter to straighten up because she loves her kids and they love her. When she is with her husband, she is a different person. I have always bought my grandkids clothes and other things and give my daughter money when I am able to. What can I do at this point to provide a safe and stable environment for my grandchildren?

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