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if you sign a lease and the owner sells the property are your leases voided?

"[A] lease" or "leases"? If the latter, why are there multiple leases? Generally, however, no.

who then is responsible for the last months rent and deposit?

I'm not sure I understand this question. Could you clarify?

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Your leasehold interest should remain intact with the new owner; I don't know of any MT law that would make it automatically void.

A new owner/landlord would be responsible for coughing up a deposit at the end of your tenancy. And if the current/old landlord didn't transfer last month's rent and deposit to new landlord, that's typically not the tenant's problem because there's no reason for the buyer not to make sure they get that ... even if they want to argue they had no idea there was a tenant. A court would typically tell the new owner can go after the old owner for that money, but not make the tenant suffer for the new owner's lack of due diligence.

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