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I went to the U.S. in 1998 on a visa which I extended.

In June 2004 I got married and applied for Greencard which was granted in Feb. 2009.

My Greencard is still valid until Feb. 2019.

In Feb.2011 my divorce was final,no kids.

I had to get away from my violent husband and decided in Oct.2011 to go to my birthplace Germany.

Didn´t intent to stay until NOW. Just had hand surgery and paid my taxes last year.

I had to work here too since my savings didn´t last.

Don´t have proof of a home or relatives in the States and now I am confronted with probable causes of being returned trying to re enter the U.S . I was told I could fill out DS 117 but reading the application makes me think I cannot prove under reasonable doubt that I did not abandon the country. Should I just try to re enter on my recent greencard and wish for the best?

What is the worst that can happen at the airport??

Please help...

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Guest FindLaw_Amir

The worst that may happen is that you may be denied entry. I suggest you consult with an Immigration Lawyer for clarification on your specific status and how to proceed.

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