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Hopefully I can explain my situation well enough for someone to be able to help me. I live in Florida.

My father remarried when my parents got divorced. He changed the title to the family home, which sits on land that is tied up in a family trust and can not be sold, to read him or his new wife. The wife has had my father arrested on domestic violence charges and he is currently in jail waiting for court. They are in the process of getting a divorce and my father wants to sign the title to the home over tome so he will have a place to live when he gets out of jail. The wife is wanting to sell me the home for $58,000 to pay off her home.

My father has medical issues that he will be living with me to make sure he is taken care of when he does get out. My question is this. Since the title reads or, the home it sits on family land that can not be sold since it is in a trust and the home was my family home from when I was child, can he legally sign it over to me and how do I go about getting this done?


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