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Ex-Boyfriend Kicks Out Mom & Kids and Gets Nothing

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I have been with my now ex-boyfriend on and off for 4 yrs. I helped him while recovering after major surgery, I helped take care of his parents while staying with us, I took care of his rental properties when he would suddenly leave town or the country, I help with taking care of the grounds of his rental properties, I set up his families accounting system for their Canadian business, I did professional touch up painting in order to ready his rental properties for the vacation rental system.

At the end of November the ex had been drinking on top of taking whatever medications he had taken that day. For what ever reason he was not in a good mood that day, had been bitching about anything and everything. He then after a smart remark from my minor son, comes up on him and shoves my son back onto the kitchen counter. I ended up stepping in between the two and called 911. Sherriff responds and I, along with my minor son are told that after living in the home for almost 2 years have to leave with only our necessities. I return a couple of days later to retreive more of our immediate personal belongs along with my 2 sons for a witness and to say the least had to call for a citizens assist from the Sherriff's department.

During the last couple of months of our relationship he had kicked up out and we ended up returning a couple of weeks later. Upon us returning the ex and I had discussed some things that needed changing, he said things would change. One the things was that I need a vehicle that was more reliable than the two I had. One being broken down and the other on it's last leg. He agreed. We go to an auction and we purchase a car that I wanted.

The question is: When I left my oldest son had to come and get me as he would not let me take the car. The car is titled in both of our names. i am not left with no transportaion. How do I get this car? I can into the relationship with two cars and am forced to leave with none. How do I get it? I verbally told him that if anything ever happened I was not leaving empty handed. What do i do?

I had to file a restraining order and within that order requested that I have sherriff assist to get it. He told the sherriff I never paid for it however, part of the bargain was for me to sell mine broken down or half limping rigs and that the auction car would be mine to have.

Do I have legal recourse? Both names are on the title. Should I not at least be able to get half of the value? I have to get a car.

I need help now before he leaves the country now. The man has money, 4 pieces of property that is valued very high, has an icome from the rental properties, he has 3 other running cars and or trucks. Why should I now be without?

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