Legal right to pull someone over of the turnpike ?

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Does the Head of Maine State Police Internal Affairs have the legal right to pull someone over on the Turnpike ?

Also, do they have the jurisdiction to issue a ticket ?

The answer to both questions is yes. The Internal Affairs unit of the Maine State Police is a part of the State Police and the officers who staff that unit are Maine State Police officers like any other. Under Maine Revised Statutes Title 25 section 1502, the State Police have the following powers:

The specific powers and duties of the State Police shall be to patrol the state highways and other important ways, especially outside the compact portion of cities and towns, for the purpose of enforcing the law, and all laws relating to motor-driven and horse-drawn vehicles and all rules and regulations in regard thereto, and of arresting all violators and prosecuting all offenders against the same. The State Police shall aid the Department of Transportation in the enforcement of its rules and orders and permit regulations. In addition to these duties and powers, the Chief and members of the State Police are vested with the same powers and duties throughout the several counties of the State as sheriffs have in their respective counties to serve criminal processes, to investigate and prosecute violators of any law of this State and to arrest the offenders thereof, and the same power and duty as sheriffs have to arrest without warrant and detain persons found violating or attempting to violate any other penal law of the State until a legal warrant can be obtained.

So, if you are hoping to beat the ticket by challenging the authority of the officer who issued it, that’s going to be a loser.

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