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attorney pulled claim of body injury after one year of submission into courts

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I tripped on a broken spot of curb in Tempe Az. 02/23/2011. After four court hearings, my company finally paid Workman Comp. I contacted the attorney's about this case right away. They agreed to take the case, and it was filed 08/03/2011 with the city of Tempe, Az. Throughout this time, I would give them any paperwork from the job and doctors. Also, contacted them with my progress with healing of my left shoulder, in which I had rotator-cup sugery (April 6, 2011) because of this fall. One year later (2012) I received a letter stating I needed to make a decision as to which Attorney I would like to handle my case because the corporation was changing where two of them were going to carry the law practice and the third Attorney was going off on his own. I decided on the two Attorney's I spoke with in the beginning. One month later, I received another letter stating my claim was going to be pulled from the city of Tempe courts (October, 2012) because the corporation would not make any money from this and neither would I because they would have to pay off workman comp. and doctors. I began calling up to 18 different Lawyers to see if this claim could be changed to Primise Liability. Some Attorney's said it incident was too long ago, some never called back and other's said there was nothing they could do about it. Now, my question is this, because the city has neglected to fix the curbs at the main downtown Transit center, where our company cars park whenever the transit employees make relief. This area is reserved for the employees who drive the city of Tempe's buses, why won't any other Attorney take this case against the city before someone else trip in the broken curbs and cause an injury worst than myself. I can't understand why the attorney's in this state act like they are afraid to tackle this city. Is there anything that I can do at this point ? Thanks for any kind of help...Tempe, Az. bus operator

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