Need help with troubled son. What are my options

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I have a 15 year old son, who we are having many issues with. He already has assaulted me, assaulted and stabbed my fiance with a screw driver and expelled from school for assaulting a kid. The judge gave him 6 months probation and released him home. Not more than 3 days later he was back to running away, sneaking out at night, not obeying his probation. I stayed in contact with his probation officer that has done nothing. He assaulted me again, made police report, nothing was done.Now my son is back in detention for assaulting his 12 year old brother(punched him in head numerous times, I had to pull him off of him), they are talking about releasing him back into the home again. What rights do I have to not have him back at home. CPS has already told me that they will take my other 4 children if I just leave him in detention and not pick him up. We are not safe at home, hes made holes in the walls looking in at his 2 sisters, that we patch and he makes more, he is constantly assaulting someone in the home and we get no where with the police, most the time they just tell him to just go to his room and stay there, they take no report or anything. I need to protect my other children, but don't seem to have the rights to do, but if something happens to one of them from him they will come after me. I need help please!!. We've tried having him stay with other family members and they have all given up because of his actions.

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Not sure what this has to do with guardianships or adoption.

What rights do I have to not have him back at home.

Obviously, it depends on the laws of your unidentified state, but I cannot imagine that any state would force you to have him return home under the circumstances. I suggest you consult with a local attorney.

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