Safety Monitor for Exposed newborn

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In Phoenix,Arizona

CPS comes for a visit at the hospital and find the newborn positive of THC

The mother tested also for THC and Meth-ampheta as positive as a result of

CPS taking action.

The baby was born at 34wks weighting 4pounds 12oz she stayed at the hospital

from the 17th thru 29th of november until she weighted at least 5pounds.

the baby was released to a safety monitor of the fathers choce njot the mother.

Because the mother couldnt stay and bond with her very first newborn whom only

got two hours twice a week for visitation and has to stay clean for 30days.

mean while the safety monitor is bonding with her baby.

CPS didnt take custody yet that only were considering removal?

As it stands the plain is 30 day with monitor and the mother stay clean and

visits the baby as much as she can be allowed.

I was told by other people that the mother and a safety monitor were to all live

with one another so every one is monitored and mother still bond with her child?

Another question is dont CPS have 72hours after removing the baby from hospital

to the safety monitors home to get a dependency petition? and have a court order

on permanenly take her baby.

this is her first chil and yes she must suffer the consiquences but all she does is cry,cry cry

and she so far today clean and sober..

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Because CPS said them self that they didnt take custody of the baby yet

but was able to decide who take the baby home (safety monitor) not the mother

then proceed to call the mother and told her to come to the office at CPS and

there they had a What they call a team desition meeting and if the mother didnt agree

to this safety momitoring that then they will take her baby so the mother did what she thoght

to be true and agreed but wouldnt sign nothing.

the baby needs her mother now and I cant see why she cant just go get her baby! there is no court order.

but reason why she hasnt done this cause she dont want the baby to become ward of the state.

or charged with kidnaping. what can we do? cant afford a attorney.

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I'ts been almost a year and still fighting cps but I do want to ask a question?

  During a investigation between a un married couple with child and a safety

monitor had the baby is it legal for the father only to move into the saftey monitors house with the baby ?

 because his time was up at the halfway house and with no place togo but to the saftey monitors house?

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