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Disclosures of Previous Disclosures

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I bought a house a few months ago in Seattle.

The seller was someone who flipped the house, and had ownership for a little over a year.

Last week the finished basement flooded and I discovered a sump in a closet floor that had been covered up with plywood and carpet. There was no pump, but there had clearly been one in the past, because the closet was wired for electricity, and I found a buried pipe leading to a drain just outside of that wall.

I talked to a neighbor and he told me that the elderly couple who sold the house to my seller had installed a sump pump because they were prone to flooding. That it was a pretty regular thing.

On the disclosure notice the sellers mentioned that "once" during a heavy rain, a downspout had clogged and rain got into the house. Nothing about flooding from the sump area.

It is my guess that the previous sellers, the elderly couple (who have both since died) would have had to disclose that they were prone to floods, and that it should have been obvious that the previous pump was there for a reason.

is my seller supposed to disclose things that were disclosed previously to him?

Do I have any way of finding out what exactly was disclosed to him by the elderly couple?

Is the fact that a necessary sump pump was removed something that should be disclosed?

Any help you can be if appreciated.

if you're interested in taking this as a case... please send me your info

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You're obviously free to ask the seller or the seller's agent for a copy of the disclosures that the seller received when he/she acquired the property.

As far as disclosure requirements, I suggest googling something like "washington home sale disclosure law." You are certain to get a wealth of information on the subject.

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