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Having a terrrible time finding answers. We hired a contracting company to add an addition onto our home (second level). every went fine the first day. The second day there was a 30 percent chance of rain and the idiot forman didn't have the guys seal off the house. It rained all night long and ever ceiling on the first floor had damage. The guys came in the next morning and it took them 2 hours to clean the water up off the plastic that we placed down ( on the second level). When they started to work the living room ceiling caved in. Plaster hit our 47" tv ( that was a little over a year old) and there was dust and insulation over everything. Our children (ages 7 and 10) were sent over to there grandparents house because they were scared to be in ours. When the forman of the job finally showed up 2 hours later he said that he would take care of everything, and steered us away from contacting our insurance company. After a month his drywallers finally finished the ceilings down stairs (hung drywal, tape and mud living room- put 1/4" drywall over the kids rooms ceiling, tape and mud- fixed the crack in the master bedroom and kitchen). For our inconvience he verbally agreed to hang, tape and mud the new addition. After 3 weeks he said he never agrred to that and that he only said he would have them hang the drywall. They were suppose to be done on September first and were not. The first part of November he showed up with the final bill wanting payment. Per our contract the soffet and fascia had not been done. He lied 3 times to get out of doing what the contract stated. The following week they came and put up the fascia and said they were done. Per and e-mail he stated that they have fullfilled there contract with us and that we owed them for the hanging of the drywall for a mere $1,300 ( which i would have never agreed to for that price, i would have found someone to do it for me). He also stated that we could have a $1,000 for replacement of the t.v. which was broken because of his incompetence or the hanging of the drywall but not both. On Friday November 16 we received a notice that a lein will be placed on our property with we did not pay the final payment. When going threw the bill I also noticed that we had been charged and paid for our addition permit 3 times. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should i do.

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