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my problem is one I've never heard of happening before, it started after my SSDI started being garnished, when I ask about what I was being garnished for, since I had not received any notice this was going to happen, I was informed it was for a student loan. After much time and research, I found on that in 1984, which is the only student loan I had, on this site it showed a Stafford subsidized loan of $2500, which in 1991 I had to file bankruptcy which this debt was listed, my bankruptcy was discharged, but also on this site, it listed a 2nd loan that was done 10 days later and this one was a Stafford non subsidized loan also for $2500 this loan I did not apply for. The $2500 subsidized loan I did apply for was listed as being discharged in bankruptcy, also listed is a consolidation loan of $4942, this states it was used to consolidate the (2) $2500 loans, one of which was discharged in bankruptcy, the one that was listed as discharged also states that in 2005 that same loan was paid in full by the loan consolidation applied for in 1995. how can this happen and what can I do ??? HELP PLEASE

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