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Unfair water bill..

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If i live in an apartment building and there is only 1 water meter (for whole building) can my owner charge me.. by spliting the bill equally between all the apartments?

I assume you mean to ask whether the landlord is permitted to do that, and the depends on the applicable state law (and you didn't mention the state) and what the lease says about who is responsible for paying the water charges. So, in what state are you located and what, if anything, does your lease say about the water or utilities?

As a practical matter, though, how else would the landlord do it? There is only a single meter. The landlord cannot determine from that what amount of water each tenant uses. As a result, I don't think that splitting the water bill evenly among all the tenants is unreasonable. The landlord could pay the bill himself and simply adjust rents upward to cover the typical water bill, with the same result in the end that cost is split among apartments. So, why it it unfair and how else would you propose the landlord do it?

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