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I came up to Michigan with a boyfriend while i was pregnant. I was young and stupid. He turned out to be a nightmare. I was tricked into giving his mother limited gaurdianship of my daughter. I was just gonna let her keep my dughter for a few weeks while i found a stable place to live and a steady job. Cps told me i needed to sign the papers for gaurdianship because if i didnt my bf"s mother wouldnt be able to take my daughter to doctor apointments. So i regretably cooperated. Biggest mistake of my life. I ended up breaking things off with the dad. Few months later i met up with a old friend and now were ingaged. i have more than one job, more than one vehicle, a stable place for my family, etc... but my now ex's mother doesnt want to give me my child back. ive been trying to terminate this gaurdianship for over a year now and im having no luck. They have no real reason to not give her back. ive never been in trouble with the law, dont drink, dont do drugs, i dont even smoke cigarette's or curse. I love my daughter with all my heart and i would do anything to get her back. I only get to see her for 3hrs twice a week and she wouldnt even give me that time if i hadnt taken her to court. I dont kno what else to do. I havnt even been able to go visit my family down south in over 4yrs. Ive had 2grandpas die on me and 2little sisters have theyr first babies and i wasnt even able to go be there for any of them. I just want my beautiful little girl back, and i want to go suprise my loved ones for christmas. I dont have a cps case open or anything. I feel like my baby has been kidnapped by the county. Please give me some kind of advice. Is there anything i can do besides wait on the judge to be lawful?

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