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If a friend gave me the keys to his car, and we never said when I had to return it, which I didn,t and he called

the law to get it back for him, They came to the house and took the car, I never heard anything else, intill

8 months later, when they arrested me for, grand thief w/vehicle, they want me to take 5years probation.

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He said, {public defender}, that he can't do anything, for me to take it. but I thought if you were given the keys,

how can it be thieft. I know the same thing happen to a boss of mine, 2 years ago, in a different county',but

both in fla., and the cops told him they could get the car back for him, if they saw it, but couldn't charge the person

with anything since he allowed her to use it.

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Just because you are given the keys by the owner does not mean you have permission to keep the car forever. If he made an effort to contact you to get the car back OR, you made no effort to contact him about how long you could keep it or to even check in with him, that could serve as evidence that you never intended to return the car and that's theft.

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thank you, that's what I needed to know. I have one more question, if it goes trial, will my friend have to be there to testify, he said, he's

not going to, or will the state be able to charge me even, without him.

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If your friend doesn't testify, the prosecutor will not likely be able to prove his case and you'll be acquitted.

However, if your "friend" was annoyed enough to call the cops on you, there's a good chance he will show up to testify. Especially since the authorities will likely put pressure on him to testify.

Lots of people say PDs are good lawyers and conscientious. But, let's face it, they are underpaid and have large case loads and this one might be throwing you under the bus for expediency.

I suggest you find the money for a private attorney.

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