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Three months ago I relocated here in California to run a safehouse for our organization's members. In exchange for administering the house, I was given free rent. About a week and a half ago, the owner stated I was fired from this position. Then this past Thursday, I received a voicemail from the homeowner ordering me and the other tenants to vacate the premises immediately. There had been a number of disputes with her. However, we all had to sign an agreement stating that since we are guests the landlord has the right to ask us to vacate whenever she wants to. The others paid rent. I did not. My question is, according to California law, am I considered a tenant rather than a guest since I've been here over 30 days? and if so, would she have to go through the normal eviction process to evict me?


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What does the agreement you signed state about your status? Also, was your stay contingent on your employment status?

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