showers with male inmates?

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Is is correct for a female officer to be in the male showers while an inmate is showering?

That would be a decision entirely up to the correctional facility.

Then why is so wrong for a female not be searched by a male officer?

You're assuming it's wrong and it isn't. While many male officers would prefer a female officer search a female suspect, it's not required at all.

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The fact that a female officer is showering in the male section of a correctional institute may be grounds for sexual harassment if the act of this female is making it uncomfortable for you. There is a reason they have male prison's and female prison's or at least housed in different sections of a prison or jail. Do they ever bring in female prisoners to shower with the male prisoners? It's not a practice I'm aware of in this country. So, why would it be ok for a female officer to shower with the inmates. On the other hand, why would any officer, male or female, be showering with the inmates in the first place?

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