Landlord tired to force me out before bank took over house I'm disabled

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My lease expired at the end of July. I went month to month while the LL tried to sell me another home/lot. I could not afford the $75,000 lot fee. In August we had a falling out. I asked the LL to make sure he was not going to "skip out" on me for the $1800.00 of items that were put into the home in place of a security deposit (not in writing). He did come to me at this time and told me that the house was going to be handed over to the bank as collateral on a land deal that when bad. I had asked for another lease. Didn't get one.

September I received an email from him that was cc to his lawyer that told me that I was credited my rent of $1500 and the remaining would be given back at departure. So the war of words began. That is when the CONSTANT THREAT OF EVICTION STARTED. The LL's attorney (****) stated as fact that **** (in fact) wanted me evicted. When I called **** Bank and talked with the atttorney at *** Bank, I found that this was untrue! The LL is still telling my neighbors that he has evitced me, but I have yet to recieve a thing from the courts and the LL's attorney sent October's rent check back to me.

I in turn called the Attorney at *** Bank, the Bank who is taking possession of this house sometime this November, and I am asssured that there will be no eviction by LL. It is all harrassment on his part. I am 100% disabled with a brain injury and RSD, this stress has caused me great pain, numbness and frustration I can't even being to discribe. The LL has done this so he can strip this house bare for his own personal gain, and I have been cheated out of my heath! I have pictures to prove it where he already started to strip the outside of the house! If the bank had not helped me I would be out right now.

I have all my emails that back up everything.

What are my rights as a Tenant, under the ADA and as far as Harassment????

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you still have rights as a month to month renter & have the right to a respectfull eviction by a order of the court, the links given above will tell it all in detail !!

As for L.L motivation wanting you out now... you may want to ask the bank if there is a managment co. involved to find out if they have made the L.L a good faith cash incentive agreement to relinquish the property in good condition by a certain date.

It is a standerd buisness practice these days. in cases such as this !!.

Good Luck!!



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How do I stop the harassment and discrimination. I am so overwhelmed with try to save my mortgage purchase that I can focus on both problems. With my brain injury I am on overload and can handle both right now. The stress is so hard on me it is making me sick!

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